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"Dear Renée: Thank you for spending so much time with us this month. We miss you and your playtime and cuddles. Mom says that she never worries about us at all when you're cat-sitting and that we're so content when she gets home that she thinks we're disappointed to see her come in the door (we kinda are, but don't tell her that). We're hoping she takes another vacation SOON. Don't forget us! Love from your biggest fans, Clyde & Zoe."

"Dear Renée,

Thank you for always taking such great care of our little kitty, Miss Marley. When I leave, I know she is well taken care of and it gives us such peace of mind. We realized the value of your service one weekend when you were not available. Not wanting to leave her without anyone checking on her or the chickens, we thought we would go ahead and hire the little girls next door to feed the chickens, check in on Marley, and give her fresh water. I do not know what on earth happened, but we got a scolding like crazy from Marley upon returning, she was mad, livid mad, she even refused to sleep in her bed for several weeks. It taught me an important lesson in animal care . . . stick with the professionals whose passion and purpose in life is to care for animals. We really appreciate the dedicated care of all of our pets over the past three years." - Brad and Sharon

“We have been using Renée's services for years. When we return from trips we always find a written diary of Renée's interactions with our cats and our cats are always well cared for. She goes out of her way to accommodate any special requests that we might have. She even pulls our garbage and recycling to the curb and back again. We highly recommend her services.” ~ Steven

"I honestly do not know what we would have done without Renee all these years. She has provided reliable, full-service dog sitting for us for two dogs now, and always with the utmost of heart and kindness. It is obvious how amazing her pet care is in all ways, but the most telling is how our current dog has flourished in her care. Our current dog was a rescue animal who came with (and still has) many challenging behavioral issues, and frankly can be scary. Renee not only agreed to take care of her when we've had to leave town (really, not very many people [or even a kennel] would have), she patiently found ways to work through our dog's more difficult aspects and eventually won our dog's trust and friendship. Renee makes it possible for us to be away from home for any length of time. Period. And knowing our pets have been in Renee's care has freed us from the stress of worrying about them while we're away. I cannot recommend Renee highly enough. She's just the best!"~ Karen Demsey

"Renée and Katie take amazing care of my kitties when I'm out of town. One of my kitties is more stand-offish with strangers usually, but he warmed right up to Renée and Katie! I get updates frequently from them which makes me at ease when I'm away from home. They often send picture updates that make me smile! I know my cats are being extremely well cared for and loved when I'm gone. I wouldn't use any other pet sitter duo"- B.Y.

"I am so fortunate to have Renée to look after my cats. She is reliable and truly relates to animals in a genuinely caring manner. I trust her completely to care for my cats and recognize when something is amiss. As an example, she noticed one of my cats had a medical issue while I was traveling and made arrangements to take her to the vet for immediate treatment. I can rely on her judgment and keen observation and travel guilt free - a real gift for me. Renée is also very willing to look after my home and do the necessary chores while I am away - such as mail collection, litter box changing and garbage duty. My cats love Renée - the ultimate vote of confidence." ~ Jan

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